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By Joseph Aaron

Global positioning products are currently appreciated by motorists who would like to travel safely through unfamiliar or busy areas. Yet, if you trace the original purpose of global positioning devices, you soon find out that GPS devices were most commonly used by campers and other people enjoying the wild places who wish to steer clear of getting lost. Once companies went about perfecting the technology of the newest GPS devices for car owners, the same applications were put to use in the handheld GPS models as well. These modern handheld GPS devices have been styled similar to mobile phones as a result of their silhouette and colored screen. For your car, an excellent unit is the TomTom GO 740 Live GPS Navigator.

Many of the GPS devices designed for autos may even be carried by outdoorsmen if they are familliar with the interface. Most of the GPS devices made by TomTom, Garmin, and Magellan are small enough to hold in an adult's hand or fit in your pocket. Although for the job of using the appliance while walking or using just one hand, more appropriate interface could be appreciated. What follows is a list of a few products to consider.

Magellan Triton Series

The Magellan Triton series is an instructive example to look at since every one of the models from the Sunday driver to the arctic explorer package all appear similar. The budget models start with a respectable 2.2" QVGA color monitor while some of the more expensive models come with a slightly bigger screen of 2.7". Every one of the Magellan units sport a hardy casing and are waterproof, therefore you can responsibly carry them along when crossing rivers or during downpours.

Some of the Triton series devices have a special AdventurePack label affixed to them which indicates that those models contain some particular software called the TOPO! Explorer. Determined explorers need to absolutely consider buying these packages. The nice thing about Magellan's array of products is that you can find a Triton GPS unit that won't blow your budget with over 5 products to pick from. For your auto, a great option is the Tom Tom GO 740 GPS.

Garmin Series

Garmin has a wide range of handheld products and each particular series handles certain kinds of navigation. As an example, the GPSMAP 7X series units are all saltwater-friendly and ideal for navigating the open water, but the GPSMAP 6X series models are made with a more rugged construction for heavy duty treatment, even though they are still relatively inexpensive and are provided with a comprehensive set of features such as microSD support and competent navigation.

The eTrex series are handheld GPS devices a customer should look for when budget is a serious concern. They are particularly portable with many of them offering a screen large enough to read with ease.

In case you consider yourself an accomplished traveler who would like something especially tough and prepped with powerful functions, the Colorado or Oregon series will probably meet your needs. Both series have a comprehensive touch-screen display, a function not included in other Garmin series, and they even come with different maps particular for the precise model you get. For a great gps unit in your car, consider the TomTom GO 740 Live GPS Navigator.

Be aware that any handheld GPS devices should never be used for driving unless a non-driving navigator is using it. If you don't need any of the specialized functions and want a single device that is able to function on the city street as well as the trail, it will likely be more sensible to purchase an all-in-one device that you can transport in an automobile or by hand. - 29952

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