Buy A Used Car - Deals That Can Save Money

By Pete Roberts

Used cars are a great way to save money. If your looking to save thousands of dollars a used vehicle makes sense and should not be overlooked. It is a good idea to research a particular model or year to make sure you get a reliable automobile.

Most people when shopping for used cars usually check the local used car lots. Used car dealers usually have the vehicle up for the highest resale value but often the vehicle has gone through a complete check up and tuneup including a complete detail. It is not unusual for vehicles that fail a reputable used car dealers criteria to go to auction.

When you buy a used car for sale from a private party you can find good deals often below book value. It is to your advantage to know a vehicles value before you negotiate of buy it. You will find plenty of guides or books out there that will give you an idea of a vehicle value based on make, model, year and mileage.

If you find a vehicle at a price that seems fair it never hurts to offer 25% bellow asking price often you will find a seller will meet you halfway. Dealers usually do not drop as much but will often drop price if you can point out some defects and extra wear such as carpets, upholstery, worn tires or even paint and window chips.

Shop car loans and prices to get the best loan quote available. Check you bank, financial institutions, credit unions and even you insurance agent to see if any special loan deals are available. When you shop for a loan you can save a bundle of money over the life of a loan. By knowing all you loan options less than reputable dealers will not be able to take advantage of you at the time of buying a used car. Sometimes a dealer can offer you a loan deal much better than the loan quotes you have received.

Often people looking for used cars start by searching the local classifieds online or used dealer car lots. Don't ignore the best deals often found at online car auctions or locally at public car auctions. Most car auctions require payment and to take delivery same day and many dealers will be competing because the deals are truly that good.

If you know what vehicles you are looking to purchase always call your insurance company to get an insurance quote. You may be surprised that the car carries a premium because it is a special edition with turbo and you are a young male driver. Always do your research before signing any contracts or loans to buy a used car. - 29952

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