The Actron Super Autoscanner: Beneficial Auto Tool

By Ray Jenkins

Many of us worry when the check engine light comes on in their car and they have no idea what is occurring and this is where an OBD scanner would turn out to be useful. When you know what the issue is you can decide for yourself if it is something that you can correct or something you need professional help with. If nothing else, you can do a bit of research and go into the repair shop having a ballpark idea of what you're going to pay for the repairs.

One of the better models on the market today is the Actron Super Autoscanner. This is a great scanner that's straightforward enough to use, so even if you have not used one in the past you may learn fast. The Actron Super Autoscanner is ideal for those who have not used such as unit as well as those that want a trustworthy Super Autoscanner for their private or maybe business use.

The Actron Super Autoscanner is an OBD II scanner. This unit is a great option if you have a vehicle that was made of 1996 on. This unit is very easy to use and will even allow you to interpret any results with ease, even the 1st time you use it you will understand what to do and even understand how the unit works. Having this scanner basically helps you understand what codes are causing the check engine light to come on, and what you want to do to correct them.

The reason that the Actron Super Autoscanner is so well-liked is actually because it features many great features. As an example, it can not only read but erase OBD II difficulty codes that are stored in the PCM, including pending codes. The unit will also read, display, and erase diagnostic trouble codes. The Super Autoscanner will display definitions for universal and manufacturer specific codes and will also display free frame info for your usage.

The Actron Super Autoscanner is also very easy to catch up to the vehicle, unlike some of the more clumsy units on the market today. The huge LCD screen makes it easy-to-read the diagnostic trouble codes and their definitions. There is not any guess work associated with this great display. You can also use this unit to turn off the check engine line, and you can update codes and software thru on the World Wide Web.

The Actron Super Autoscanner has a very simple to use menu that will walk you thru all the steps you want to follow to get the info you want. The menu will allow you to easily see whether or not the automobile is ready for an emissions test. Additionally, the unit will indicate and immediately fail a vehicle which has its check engine light on. You will also receive alerts of outstanding diagnostic difficulty codes that may help you troubleshoot potential difficulties. - 29952

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