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By Mel Singer

If you are planning to replace your existing car audio system then you need to find yourself a reliable dealer first who would be able to supply you with all the parts that you would need to fit your car audio system together, not to mention the stereo especially. If you do not have a reliable stereo dealer then you cannot be assured of quality and quality in sound system will matter just as quality makes a big difference in all kinds of electronic gadgets that you use. Also, the stereo dealer's shop that you go to should also have the professional skill required to install the stereo system in your car, and so you should be sure of their expertise in that department as well.

To find a reliable stereo dealer, you will firstly have to search in the yellow pages or online for sites that could provide you with information regarding all the closest shops that carry the brand names of stereo systems for your car that you are most familiar with. You need to first look for the kinds of brands that would suit you best before you start your shopping so that you will have a clear idea of where to look for the stereo.

After you have a list of a few accessible shops that carry these brand names, you must make some enquiries before you visit these places. For instance you should find out if the shop is actually an authorized dealer or not, this should give you a clear idea of how reliable the shop is. The fact is that if the dealer is not an authorized one, you might get a great deal out of the purchase but the quality cannot always be guaranteed so you need to figure out your priorities. You should at the same time also find out if there would be help provided from the dealer itself for the installation of the stereo in your car.

After you have shortlisted the shops that seem the most promising for the kind of stereo that you are looking for, visit those. These should be few in number and you can decide between those according to the deal that they are offering and the brands that they have on sale. Also, the installation of your stereo should be taken care of and so enquire about their expertise in installing it for you. If they are sure about themselves and can show you some proof of their experience in installation; and good dealers actually have photo albums etc. of their work then it could be even easier for you to select the dealer that you would be most suitable according to all these provisions that they would be offering you.

Also, the kind of sound room that the dealers maintain to display the stereos they have on sale is also crucial. This would give you a chance to test the product before you finally buy it. - 29952

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