What Is A Power Supply

By Amanda Leer

There are two types of currents one is the alternating current and the other is the direct current. The alternating current can be abbreviated as AC and direct current as DC. All types of electrical appliances cannot be handled with alternating current. Hence conversion of it from alternating current to direct current is very essential. The AC to DC convertors which can also be called as a power supplier is used for converting the alternating current into direct current. But how to wire an AC to DC convertor?

But these convertors can be used only when you are in need of power in DC like components of a car audio system and other parts of it. A standard household power is required for it to access the DC output power. Wiring of this AC to DC converter consists of several steps which are simple in carrying out. Few initial preparatory steps and simple wiring connection can give a good AC to DC converter. A proper wiring can ensure the perfect functioning of this converter. The reason for doing this is to get a stable DC output.

Alternating current is used for supplying power to appliances. AC current flows continuously from positive to negative direction and then back to positive direction. There is no fluctuation or change in direction in DC current. Some devices can run with the help of battery that is they use Direct current or DC power. The AC to DC converter has DC power terminals . From these DC power terminals remove the wiring nuts and thumb screws . This can be done by turning the converter to left direction.

Half inch of insulation must be removed from the DC's positive as well as the negative terminals. This is then connected securely to the AC to DC converter. The positive wire will be red in color where as the negative wires are made of black colors. This color difference is used to distinguish among them easily. Though it is not true in some cases. To avoid confusion causing problems one can always refer to the manual given to the user by the manufacturer. The wiring diagram can also be used for ensuring proper wiring.

Now its time for us to use the ring terminal and wire strippers. The terminal is crimped with the wire using the crimping tool. On the other end of the wire which is free attach the ring terminal.

The AC to DC converter has both positive and negative terminals . To this positive and negative wires are connected respectively . It is necessary that the these connections are tight. Use wing nuts and thumb screws to make them tight.

There are two separate portals for the connection of positive and negative wires from the ends of the DC device. The positive end of the wire is fastened to the positive terminal of the AC to DC converter where as the negative end of the wire is connected to the negative terminal of the AC to DC converter. Using thumb screws and the wing nuts the terminals are connected to the wires in a proper way.

The above instructions on How to wire an AC to DC converter are easy and need prior supervision. It is also necessary to make sure that all the connections are made properly before the converter is turned on. The wiring is simple and can be done if some basic concepts of connections are known. - 29952

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