Some Recommendations to Help You Save on Pasadena Auto Insurance

By Hector Jimenz

There are more ways than we ever imagined before which can easily help us to save thousands of bucks on our auto insurance per year if only we can be more cautious in terms of spending, and be assured that they are spent wisely and appropriately.

Here are a few key tips which I have compiled and summarized here to share with those who wish to save for their rainy days:

a. Take advantage of the low mileage discount: - Options such as carpooling, taking the bus or cycling are good healthy alternatives for car driving. If you get a low annual mileage (below 10,000 miles) you should be eligible for a special discount on low mileage. Low mileage discounts ranges from 10 percent to 20 percent, depending on the area and the state that you live in.

b. Hybrid discount: - Some insurance companies offer hybrid discounts to their customers who own hybrid vehicles which is more fuel efficient and ecology friendly, that is the reason why they cost less to be insured.

c. Discounts for anti-lock brakes and airbag on your vehicles: - Insurance company encourage car owners to safe guard their vehicles as best they can. Thus safe cars are cheaper to be insured because of the added safety features they have been equipped with and normally these types of vehicles are not of theft's favorite.

d. Maintain a good credit score: - Obeying traffic regulations all the time helps you avoid getting any tickets. - A good credit score will lower your insurance rate, while any traffic violation will adversely affect your credit scores making you a liability on the road; higher insurance rate is a form of "penalty" for anyone who is a liability on the road.

e. Avoid missing any monthly payments: - A missed payment is illegal in some countries. In fact, it can adversely affect your credit score resulting to an increase in the premium of your future auto insurance because of your low credibility.

f. Brilliant students: - Some Pasadena auto insurance companies provide 'Good Student Discounts" in high school and colleges for students who achieved better than the average, with a certain GPA mark to be satisfied. For the society at large, good students tend to become better drivers in the future; they have great sense of responsibility towards fellowmen. This makes them responsible road users, which in turn, should make the road safe for other users, too.

g. Switch to Deductible: - For a vehicle less than 5 years old, getting a deductible of $500 or $1000 is advisable over a deductible of, say $5,000 or higher. You could easily save at least 20% of your comprehensive auto premiums if your vehicle is newer. - 29952

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