Do You Have Unused Space In Your Garage?

By Stacy Ketterman

There is something known as a tandem garage, that is being included in the construction of a large number of new homes being built. The idea of the tandem garage is a good one, but, unfortunately, it is not very useful for most families. The unique feature of a tandem garage is that it allows cars to be parked one in front of another instead of side by side. Whenever you need to use the car in front, you have to pull out the one in back. So, what many homeowners have chosen to do instead, is park only one car in their tandem garage, leading to an entire garage full of empty space.

That extra space doesn't have to go to waste, you just need to come up with some ideas for putting it to good use! A lot of men like the idea of having a hobby shop for all of their "toys", and what a better location than their own garage. Since most women could care less about hanging out in the garage or what goes on out there, it makes a great place for the guys to hang out. Extra space in a garage can also be turned into a useful place such as an office or a workshop.

When it comes to choosing your lighting for the space, it really depends on what you will be using it for. In the case of a workshop or hobby shop, you need lighting that will give your work area the best visibility and really light things up. When working with tools or on a project, the brighter lighting will make sure that you can see things really clear. The appropriate type of lighting will be of great help when it comes to safety.

If you decide to use your extra garage space to make a game room, than you can choose subtler lighting that suits a game room aura. You will need to install artificial light as it is uncommon for a garage to have enough or any natural light. You can tailor the lighting to exactly what you plan to use the space for.

If a work area isn't exactly what you have in mind for that extra garage space, then you might want to consider just using it for storage. If storage space is what you opt for, putting up cabinets can make a great addition for storing things and keeping it organized. Depending on your own personal taste, the cabinets don't have to be fancy; they just need to be practical and suitable for the job. Storage cabinets can be purchased from a home improvement store or you can shop around online and find places to buy them there. Some people find it a bit much to mess with installing full cabinets, if this is the case, you can always go with shelves that are free standing, durable, and inexpensive. - 29952

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