Motorcycle Helmets: It's Not Only Comfort And Protection

By Amanda Beaty

Buying motorcycle helmets for someone that has just bought their first bike can often be a very daunting task. The simple fact is that to find the right motorcycle helmet requires that you be well informed about helmets in general and for that you will need to research the different types as well as ask for information from those that have experience in buying such helmets.

Other aspects to using a motorcycle helmet include understanding the construction of the helmet and its inner lining as well as its fit and also its comfort features. The shell of a motorcycle helmet is often made from plastic that is molded and made from polycarbonate or the shell can also be made from a fiber composite consisting of Kevlar/carbon fiber/fiberglass.

Many things stand in the way of picking the right helmet including the dealer not stocking the right piece and you also may not be too sure about which sized helmet is best suited for your needs. Friends will offer their advice and this can either confuse you or enlighten you; what's more, you also need to take into account different kinds of certifications as well as features that can add to the confusion.

But, it is necessary to own a proper motorcycle helmet because according to studies on the subject of benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet it has been found that those riders that do wear a motorcycle helmet will be less prone to having an accident. In addition, the risk of suffering serious injuries is also diminished and you can also cheat death by taking the trouble to wear the right helmet.

It is also important that you pick a motorcycle helmet that fits your head perfectly and which is very comfortable as well. This means that you need to look for certain features including ensuring that the cheek-pads are of the right size in relation to your face and the chinstrap too should be lined and must fit comfortably as well. Using liners that are removable and washable is advantageous since it helps ensure that you can keep your helmet clean as well as free from odors and smells.

In any case, it does pay for you to shop for a motorcycle helmet that has DOT certification and if the helmet also has some other certifications as well, so much the better. Certifications can be used to help you distinguish between a fake helmet and one that is genuine and in addition it also ensures that you know that a helmet (with DOT certification) will be made from the best materials.

The liner of the motorcycle helmet must be constructed out of EPS which will help in absorbing the energy from the impact and at the same time will also not pass this energy to the rider's head. In this way it provides maximum protection to the rider's head. Chin straps are also an essential feature that must be present in all motorcycle helmets and the ones with double "D" rings are the best choice.

Last but not least, makes sure that your motorcycle helmet is comfortable and fits your head very snugly. And you need to also ensure that the helmet cannot come off your head even when it impacts a hard surface such as a pavement. - 29952

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