A Wise Choice For Car Rental Is Alamo

By Lee Reid

The third largest car rental agency in the United States is known to be the Alamo car rentals. The Alamo Car Rental chain was founded in'74 Florida. The chain has now expanded to encircle not only the United States, Canada and Mexico but also Africa, Europe, Australia and even the Caribbean as well. The company was previously owned by the Vanguard Automotive Group and was bought over by Enterprise Rent-A-Car; the largest car rental company in North America. Alamo Car Rental introduced the concept of a motto saying "unlimited free mileage" which has helped them immensely in the development up to the current status.

Alamo Car Rental is the owners of 150 000 quality vehicles and is said to serve 15 million travelers annually. The Alamo Car Rental chains also offer E-coupons and other amazing discounts for their customers. The company has also an online sight that enables customers to book and rent a car online with minimum inconvenience. The online process is a simple three step one and is available for every Alamo Car Rental location. No more long lines or hassle with Alamo Car Rental anymore.

With the use of collision damage waiver, Alamo Car Rental provides you with the drivers who are the best in the business. If the customer returns the vehicle earlier than the due date, unlike many other car rentals, Alamo Car Rental will be kind enough to refund you the extra cash payed. Alas it is a universal rule that everything with a pro always has a con. Therefore Alamo Car Rental has often been noted for not providing vehicles for the disabled. This complain though got taken up at the US Department of Justice and Alamo reached an out of court settlement for it. Other than these minor drawbacks many other advantages have definitely been able to outnumber the drawbacks.

Keeping in mind, however good the mother company is there are instances where you will have to face up with several lagers. Always watch out for commission hungry car rental agents and their unnecessary advice at constantly upgrading the car that you desire. Giving quite a good sum of money to the salesmen however is not ethical to carry out such scenes. Depending on the journey sometimes you will have to consider the comfort and go for a better vehicle with more options. Choosing a comfortable car for a longer journey will therefore be a smarter option. Being one of the most convenient car rentals, Alamo Car Rental has also gained the reputation for being customer friendly. But again it is up to the customer to be smart and not be shammed by shameless sales agents. Make your vacation your vacation and pre budget it so that you can't be duped in to doing something you don't want to do. This rule holds true with any and every car rental company throughout the world. - 29952

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