Award Winning Luxury Convertible Cars

By Danny Green

Automobiles are a part of our lives and have become a necessity. There is a large variety of automobiles available in the market, and one of the categories is luxury convertibles. Convertibles have become a successful alternative to other models and have gained popularity in recent times.

It is provided with all the latest equipments which help serving the driver with the most as compared to the other models. At the moment, the luxury convertible car is one of the most blessed experiences of life. The luxury convertible range is a part of nearly all the car manufacturing brands. Most of these have won a lot of awards due to their luxurious and lush outlook.

BMW is one of the distinctive vehicles of this range. The BMW Z4 is the most appealing of the luxury convertible cars and is in great demand since its introduction in the market. It comprises of a hard retractable top with wonderful power engine. It is comparatively roomier than the latter models of this car.

On the other hand, the Porsche Boxster is another award winning popular model of the luxury convertible cars. Moreover, the 2009 model is an amalgamation of elegance and style. It is a steadfast model as it consists of not only good sporty performance but also has other features necessary for the safety of the holders. On the other hand, the space for carrying luggage is far more than the earlier models.

Another name that has to be mentioned in convertibles is Lexus. The new 2009 Lexus GS is ranked as one of the top luxury cars of the world, and gives tough competition to other top brands such as BMW. The latest GS 460 has latest 8 speed automatic transmission which allows it to deliver superior performance and fuel efficiency. The combination of mechanical and electronic engineering gives the car excellent handling and safety. The car has quality safety features such as Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management System (VDIM), Intuitive Park Assist (IPA) and Pre-Collision System (PCS). Lexus has also launched a hybrid version of the GS for those who prefer environment friendly cars.

Any list of luxury convertibles would be incomplete without the Mercedes Benz SLK. The new 2009 model has a sleek exterior design and sporty dynamics. It is also quite easy to handle on the road. It comes with a 3000 horse power engine and a redesigned exterior which has caught attention by everyone.

The most expensive luxury convertible is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster. It has a stellar road performance and amazing engine which distinguishes it from the rest of the models. On the other hand, the latest Saab 9-3 has won several awards due to its great outlook. Although the latest model has a resembling appearance as that of Saab 9-3, the engine quality and the terrain power is greatly improved.

There is a huge list of luxury convertibles but the most prominent models have been mentioned here. All the models are superb, and do not compromise on their performance. - 29952

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