The Four Generations Of Lexus LS

By Danny Green

The modern time is the era of commuting through latest luxurious cars, and not just by foot any more. Over the decades that have passed, vehicles are not just a luxury any more, but an item in the priority list. Varying numbers of cars with different models, and characteristics are continuously being designed by automobile manufacturers to satisfy the needs of people. This item comes with a good price, and since it has become a necessity, people need to purchase the finest of all. Specifically designed, and manufactured for the needs of such people, is the Lexus LS.

Characteristics of good car can be its classy exterior, strong engine capacity, relaxing interiors, and many others. Lexus LS is a combination of all these qualities, which people look for in their car. Hence, it makes the Lexus LS to be the ideal selection for car purchasers.

Four series of the car have been produced up until now, offering different models in different years. The Toyota Motor Corporation launched the initial model of Lexus LS in the year 1989. This foundation model of the Lexus LS comprises of sedan style body with four-doors, and an engine present in the front. Two options are available for buyers to choose from; they can buy either an all wheel drive or the rear wheel drive.

From the years 1989 until 1994, the first series of Lexus LS model continued to live. Not only local, but also foreign buyers were interested in purchasing this world-class luxury car. Ichiro Suzuki, the designer of this model, supervised the engineering and is acknowledged for his design. He managed to create this fast drive car with a superb engine, classic body, and great comfort, all alone.

When it comes to an opulence group of Toyota cars, the Japanese Lexus LS is measured to be the flagship form of all. These models of Lexus LS comprise of the V8 engine. Equipped with an eight speed automatic transmission, and a mechanical parking structure was the Lexus LS 460. In 1990, the Lexus LS model was further enhanced with features such as 4-litre capacity holder, 1 UZ FE V8 engines that had a force of around 353 N/m, and resulted with energy of 190 KW.

The years 1994 until 2000 marked the production of the second series of Lexus LS. The wheelbase extension was the only advancement in this model, and the rest of the features remained almost similar to the previous generation. Producing energy of around 194 KW, the engine in this model had a powerful force of around 366 Nm. The difference in this model was that it could change its speed easily from scratch to 100 KMs in duration of about 7.5 seconds.

In January 2000, the introduction of the third series was made, which comprised of new enhanced features, such as a 4.3 litre three UZ-FE engines that were able to create a power of 216 KW, and a force of 434 Nm. Within a period of just 6.7 seconds, the car had the ability of moving from zero to 100 Km per hour.

In the year 2005, the fourth series of the Lexus LS was created, which was generally a model for 2006. The model in this generation was better than all the previous ones, which comprised of an 8-speed AA80E automatic transmission, and not just one, but two engines, the 4.6 litre 1 UR- FSE V8, and the 4.6 litre 1 UR- FE V8. - 29952

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