Fix Your Own Paint Chip Repair in Orange County

By Rae Leonetti

Working at an auto body repair shop, I specialize in custom paint jobs for many models of high-end vehicles, including Lexus, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes. I am ashamed to admit that our prices are absolutely off-the-wall, even though I know that other Orange County paint chip repair specialists charge a ton more than we do. You may ask how our prices are outrageous if we indeed are the cheapest in the area. The prices of our car paint repair services are bogus because there are better, more inexpensive products available.

I have to let you in on the secret. I feel a sense of guilt. You see, a couple of months ago I went with some friends to go rock-climbing in the desert. After we arrived at home, my friend Jack noticed paint damage on the front end of my Land Cruiser; this was a result of a short trip we took on a dirt road on our way to the mountain. I was irritated beyond belief. I knew I couldn't bring the SUV into the shop for a quick repair job that week; our calendar is completely booked up. Only pristine employee cars can be parked in the repair shop's lot; the owners believe that a pristine vehicle is good advertising for the shop. If our auto isn't looking perfect, we have to park next door in the grocery store parking lot, which is a long hike to and from work.

The automotive paint repair shop uses a commercial paint repair kit system produced by Dr ColorChip Paint Chip Repair. From my years of experience working there, I knew that the shop's owners purchased the kit from . I wondered if they also sold kits for individuals.

When I found out that Car Paint Chip Repair also sells individual kits, I was jumping off the walls. I'm familiar with their "fix-it" process, and it's easy, even for someone without any experience. Even better, the results are incredible, and you won't find a product at a similar price that can give you those results.

I was able to fix the road rash on my SUV over the weekend, and I parked in the car paint repair shop's parking lot on Monday morning. I kept checking to see if the touch-up job was visible, just because I was worried that the individual kit wasn't as good as our commercial kit. I had nothing to worry about; the Land Cruiser's paint remained perfect. - 29952

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