Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

By Edgar Peterson

Installing an epoxy garage floor coating isn't very hard at all, but it can be trying if you are not of sound body. If you plan to do the install yourself, then your first question should be: will I be able to spend hours bent over? If the answer is no, then you'll want to either plan to have someone else install your epoxy garage floor coating, or go a different route altogether.

Pay Close Attention To Directions When Applying Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating!

Assuming you do decide that you want to lay your own epoxy garage floor coating, here is a quick rundown of all the steps you will need to follow. Keep in mind, regardless of what this or any guide on the web says, always follow the directions specific to your epoxy garage floor coating kit. Anything found here or anywhere else should just be considered a rough guide to give you an idea of exactly what it is you will be doing. The last thing any friendly article wants to do is lead you to messing up your garage flooring.

Selecting Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Kit

Obviously selecting and purchasing your epoxy garage floor coating kit will be your first step. Considering there is virtually no risk of a faulty product or damage from shipping, buying your kit online is a very sound way to save some money. If you have never done anything like this before, you may want to try and get a kit that comes with an instructional DVD so that you can have detailed directions. Keep in mind, there are many kits out there to choose from, and some have quite the array of color options, so don't settle. Your epoxy garage floor coating is going to be around for quite a while, after all, and you don't want your garage flooring to be something you are embarrassed of after putting so much work into it.

Preparing Your Garage For The Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

After you've got your kit in hand, it's time to clean the concrete garage floor. Most epoxy garage floor coating kits can be installed over the top of an existing coat, if one exists. Again, refer to the instructions for your kit. If that's not an option, or if your existing paint is damaged, sanding down to the concrete garage floor might be a better idea.

Laying Your Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Most kits start their instructions with mixing. Once you have cleaned your concrete garage floor, that will probably be the next step. Again, follow the directions, or you can easily mess up the entire process. The instructions are generally quite easy to follow, but you do have to pay attention. Take the time to read them a few times before you even start; it's worth it. Once the epoxy part is down, you'll be applying the color flakes, should you choose to use them and your kit have them. Although they are far from necessary, they do add a bit of random color. After all of this has dried, the next step is the top layer, or the paint itself. After that, if you've done everything right, your garage floors should be nice and shiny! - 29952

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