Modifying Your Ride With Custom Auto Bulbs

By David Ostiguy

Tiny modifications to your car could really make your car look killer. Adding Custom Auto Bulbs to your car will make your car look as if it came from the future. What kinds of Automotive Bulbs are we talking about? There are numerous lights, such as HID Conversion Kits, Chrome Bulbs with Clear Corners, LED Taillights and more.

The HID Conversion Kits have head lights that are added to your car, which makes your headlights, look better than the manufacturers lighting. There are many to choose from, such as Halo Bulbs and Diamond Bulbs. Not only do these lights shine brighter, but they also give a cool, futuristic look.

The LED Taillights are similar to the HID Conversion Kits. They're brighter than the usually tail lights and will give you the look that you've always wanted.

Adding some Clear Corners to your ride will now give you a tricked out look. So what are Clear Corners? These are clear lenses that are installed to the blinker of your car. More and more car manufacturers are now installing these types of lenses, which have been giving vehicles a similar look.

After you have Clear Corner Lenses installed to your vehicle, it would be lame to add those crummy yellow bulbs. You don't have to use these anymore. Thanks to Chrome Bulbs, these blend in with the Clear Lenses. You may hear other people call them Mirror Bulbs, simply because you can see your own reflection in the bulbs.

Are Chrome Bulbs illegal? No they're not! Stealth Auto has created a bulb that doesn't have a hint of yellow, but once they're activated, they light up in the legal amber light.

Stealth Auto has their bulbs created in the United States and offers the best customer support around.

We are hoping that this article answers any questions that you might have to modifying your ride with custom lights. - 29952

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