A Solution to Pollution by Maxiscooting

By Bjorn Freshwater

For some it is simply the unwillingness to keep paying higher and higher prices for gasoline. For others perhaps, it is a more altruistic motive, lowering their carbon footprint by living a more earth-friendly lifestyle. Often it is a combination of both factors that explain the heightened interest among commuters in owning and riding a scooter for basic transportation. Scooters provide economical transportation, are environmentally friendly and are just plain fun to ride.

Aside from being a stylishly hip way to commute, scooters are low on gas and emissions as well as being a freakin balls out blast to ride! Scooters are usually operated by a small 50 to 200cc engine. The limited number of mechanical parts on these smaller vehicles has made them very dependable, functional and ideal for low mileage commutes in downtown, suburban and recreational settings.

Scooters normally have been powered by rather small engines between the range of 50cc to 200c. For a short commute these traditional small engine scooters have been ok. If you have a longer commute or a freeway ride you will need more than these scooters can deliver.

This is where the maxiscoot comes in. These scooters have much bigger engines allowing them to reach greater speeds.

Maxiscoots have been appealing to international consumer markets in Italy and Japan and thusly most of the manufacturers are based in these markets as well. But recently, with the public becoming more environmentally conscious, more manufacturers have entered into the arena. Taiwan has begun production of the Maxi class Bug Hawk 250.

What's really great about the maxiscoot style is that in addition to the better performance you get more miles to the gallon compared to a car. Helping to reduce pollution and fatten your wallet at the same time makes these scooters an environmental hero.

Depending on the make and model you choose you may get an average of 50 to 69 mpg. This is quite a big difference compared to a car getting anywhere from 15 to 25 mpg.

Suffice to say, anyone interested in owning a maxiscoot will have no problem finding the type of scooter you want and the model that best suits your lifestyle. So get your fun ready to ride and get on the road! - 29952

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