The Mazda Millenia - It's Time To Gain Knowledge And Open Your Eyes To A Wonderful Car

By Andy Zain

The production of the Mazda Millenia started during the year'93, with this car being the successor of the Mazda 929 that was going out of production in the same year. The company decided to launch three luxury sedans under the premium brand Amati, but ran out of funds. Are you interested in hearing more facts about the Mazda Millenia? If so, then you have come to the right place as we are going to tell you some interesting details about this ever so popular car.

The Millenia range was Mazda's solution to the discontinuation of the 929 during the year'93. Although the company wanted to present this new set of luxury sedans to the world with the launch of the premier sub brand Amati, due to financial restraints, the launch was held back.

This, however, did not deter the release of the Xedos 9 and the Eunos 800 - two of the models released under the Mazda Millenia label in Europe and Japan.

Being the only car to use the Miller cycle KJ ZEM engine, the range was available in 3 different capacities, 2L, 2. 25L, and 2. 5L. With a horsepower and torque of 210hp, the car takes about 8 seconds to go from zero to sixty miles an hour, and it can reach top speeds of up to--2 miles per hour.

This sedan was in production for ten years until the year 2003 with a five-speed manual and a four speed automatic model. All the models that were released in the ten-year period were sleek and racy with a sports car look not normally associated with a luxury sedan.

As the car was considered a class apart, the exterior coat finish was done to perfection with thicker paint and eye-catching color, although in the earlier models, plastic interiors gave the insides a rather shabby feel. Later models that were released post'98, had leather seats and wood chrome appointments.

Although the model has gone out of production, you can still buy used Mazda millenias. Just make sure you pick a model that was released after the year'99. In fact, during the years 2001 and 2002, the models released had with a strengthened body structure, stabilizing bards for better handling and as with all the models prior to it, came with an internal BOSE audio system. - 29952

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