A Guide to Chrome Bulbs (Concealment Bulbs)

By David Ostiguy

Chrome Bulbs are the coolest way to make your vehicle stand out, even though the bulbs are almost invisible once they're added. If you like to modify your vehicle and want your turn signals to look better, then chrome bulbs are the way you should go.

What exactly are chrome bulbs? They look silver when the bulbs are off, but flash an amber color when they're on. Because they flash amber, they are perfectly street legal and look great on your vehicle. Just by taking out the ugly tail light lenses and adding clear corner lenses and chrome bulbs will make your car look amazing!

You may see these bulbs under several other names, such as chrome bulbs, silver bulbs, clear bulbs, clear lights, stealth bulbs and many more.

When buying clear bulbs for your vehicle, you're going to want to get the best that money can buy. You'll discover that there are several imitations out on the market, but stealth bulbs are the best bulbs around. Another great thing is stealth bulbs are also created in the United States, so if you're always trying to find a way to buy local products, these are the bulbs to buy. The bulbs are chrome around the entire bulbs and actually cannot see through when the bulb is turned off.

The question you might ask is why would I need chrome bulbs? Because the yellow looking bulbs from the factory will make your clear corner lenses look ugly.

Stealth Bulbs are the ultimate bulbs for your clear corner lenses. Many people use Stealth Bulbs for professional car shows and also for street use. These bulbs are 100% legal and meet the strict OEM specifications.

The beauty of these bulbs is they fit in every car, truck and SUV. You can also install them on motorcycles too.

You won't find any bulbs are flawless as Stealth Auto Bulbs and will never see anything else like this on the market. This top notch product will not be found anywhere else except for the links below. - 29952

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