Chrome Bulbs for Your Vehicle

By David Ostiguy

Adding specific modifications to your vehicle is a cool way you make your car stand out above the rest. There are tons of ways to do this depending on what type of vehicle you're driving. There are several lights that could be added to your vehicle in order to change the look of your car.

Clear Corners are also known as Clear Side Markers. Several people modify their blinkers by adding Clear Corners to their car. The only problem is that when they add the Clear Corners to their vehicle, they add those cheap yellow bulbs on the inside. Now the car has clear turn signals with those ugly yellow bulbs. These bulbs stick out like a sore thumb.

It is the law to have your turn signal bulbs blink in a yellow/amber color when turned on. But you don't need to have those ugly yellow bulbs to stay legal; the bulbs only need to light up in a chrome/yellow color. It's time for you to check out Chrome Bulbs. These bulbs almost look invisible when they're installed. Stealth Auto Bulbs blend in nicely with the rest of your Clear Corners, plus they're the best bulbs around.

If you're looking to add other modifications to your vehicle, such as HID Headlights, there are various lights to choose from. Some of the styles are Halo Bulbs, which have round HID Bulbs in it that shine really bright. There are also Diamond Bulbs that are shaped as a diamond. After doing some research, you'll see that Halo Bulbs are also called Angel Eyes. They're actually the same thing.

It is illegal to run blue and red lights on your vehicle. These bulbs are illegal in every state in the USA. Blue and red bulbs are used for emergency purposes only. If an officer spots you running these lights, you will get in serious trouble with the law.

If you're planning to modify your vehicle with Clear Corners and Chrome Bulbs, check out Stealth Auto Bulbs. Their bulbs are 100% street legal and have no hint of yellow in the bulbs until the light is activated. Stealth Auto creates their bulbs in the USA and offers complete customer satisfaction.

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