History Of Lexus RX 450h

By Danny Green

Lexus is a division of automobiles that is a commodity of Toyota, a famous Japanese auto manufacturing company. Lexus is a well-known and top-notch luxury car brand. These are celebrated as the most pompous, and elegant cars today. With a wide scope market encircling around 70 countries, they are admired, and are purchased with a feeling of pride.

It was the year 2005, which marks the release of the Lexus RX hybrid. It was first launched in 2004, and it earned the caption of being the first hybrid car.

The Lexus RX hybrid was announced as the first generation RX. In the initial months of the year 2005, this care was to be sold only is the loci of United States. The first generation class includes all models premiered in between the years 2005 to 2008, and are termed as RX 400 hybrid. The comparison of prices clearly showed that people at a much higher price than the actual RX model purchased the Hybrid cars. However, the company lowered the prices as time followed. The RX 450 Hybrid is the latest car of this series. It was premiered in 2008, but as a model for 2010.

The attribute of RX hybrids making it stand out is its double engine system. This system contains a conventional gasoline engine that requires fuel to run, and an electric engine, which powers the front wheels and the rare wheels. The blend of these two engines formulates Lexus Hybrid Drive. For standard times, it is the gasoline engine, and the front electric engine that is in function. However, to give a better fuel-efficient, and eco friendly experience when the car loses its speed, it fully runs on the electric engines.

A common misconception is that hybrid cars do not give good performance on the road, nevertheless, this is not so with the RX 450 H. It takes just eight seconds for the car to speed up to sixty miles an hour, which is faster than the original gasoline RX. Thus, it is wrong to consider the RX Hybrid as being on a lower scale when it comes to performance.

The new RX 450 H is the second-generation model and was premiered in 2008, but as a 2010 model. It has some staggering figures that have given it immense popularity. It has ten percent more power and twenty three percent more fuel economy than the earlier models. The RX 450h's V6 engine runs on the Atkinson cycle for added efficiency, as it uses less fuel. There are two more features added to the Lexus RX 450 H, which differentiate it from previous models.

To decrease the engine warm up span, and to decrease fuel consumption, the car is equipped with an exhaust heat regaining system, and a cooled exhaust gas-recirculation system respectively. Besides the normal driving option is it equipped with two more choices: first the Eco mode, and second EV mode. In the EV mode, the car completely runs on electricity, while in the Eco mode, it takes fuel efficiency to the maximum levels.

This is a perfect car for people who care about the environment, and want to compromise on their driving experience. - 29952

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