Federal Government Auto Auctions - Tips For Car Dealers

By Davion Wong

With the worsening economic crisis, people are turning to cheaper alternatives when it comes to cars. This poses a bigger challenge for individual car dealers to come up with good quality but very affordable cars. If you are a beginning car dealer, you don't have to search anywhere else; start looking at Federal government auto auctions.

Car auctions are indeed a great avenue for car dealers to buy cars and then resell them at a higher price, but significantly lower than brand new cars, of course. Some of these cars are even luxury cars which can potentially earn you huge profits. A little repair or repainting job here and there can make the car look brand new; nobody would suspect that you got it for just a fraction of the price of a brand new car.

You may want to come early if you do decide to attend car auctions of the Federal government because you have to expect that there are going to be lots of people who are also interested to take part in the auctions. Coming in early allows you to have a feel of the place and gives you more confidence when the auction begins.

You must know that there are usually pre-bid events being conducted a few days before the scheduled car auction. These pre-bid events give you the opportunity to take a look at the cars being offered for bidding. Take advantage of these events and go get an expert to take a look at the cars with you. Bringing along a mechanic with you gives you confidence that you are not going to end up buying a car that looks good only on the outside.

To take full advantage of car auctions, newbie car dealers are advised to buy cars in bulk. After all, you are not sure if the Federal government holds car auctions again sometime soon. These cars are likely to sell like hotcakes, anyway, since they are cheaper, so it's not as if you are going to stock them up for very long.

Yes, it's true that cars are a lot cheaper when bought in car auctions, but remember, the initial bid price offered is not the final price. It can go up and up for as long as people continue to bid on the car. It would be wise, then, to set a ceiling as to how much you are willing to pay for the car so that when that ceiling is reached and the bidding still goes on, you can call it quits.

When you look at it, car auctions do favor car dealers of second hand cars. However it's necessary that you also act with prudence. For instance, you must exert time and effort to go over the car first and you must know when to stop bidding.

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