Which Luxury Convertible To Go For?

By Danny Green

For many of us, life without cars is impossible. It has become an essential part of our life, as we have to travel long distances for our work, and completing day-to-day tasks. You can name hundreds of luxury cars today, and among them convertibles are most elegant and posh. They simply provide you the thrilling experience. Luxury convertible cars are expensive than other cars, yet they are popular, and there are many reasons for it.

You can find a number of different convertible cars in the market today. Every car has something to offer you in terms of new features, or extra comfort. If we compare different cars for buying purpose, our choice will become difficult. The best car for a person is the one, which suits the lifestyle of a person. Let us have a look to four best convertible cars of 2009 to see, which one suits you the most.

If you wish for car having all the performance factors, sporty look, and comfort, then BMW 3 Series is the right choice. The best feature this car can offer is its reliability, and consistent performance. It has the definitive combination of luxury, comfort, performance, and sleekness. The additive quality is that it is a four-seater car having the two backseats useable; moreover, it has an automatic retractable hardtop.

The critics do not find BMW 3 a very comfortable car when it comes to the space for trunk, and the backseat, but then all the luxury convertibles are designed this way. The price charged for it is higher than the attributes it is having. You can get a Porsche Boxter in the same price, but with a better set of attributes. For a sporty ride, BMW Mini Cooper is good choice, which also saves up to $20, 000 having similar qualities. If you want to experience the thrill of luxury convertible at a low price, then Mazda MX-5 Miata is a good pick.

The test drivers call the Porsche Boxter 2009 as the ideal roadster convertible luxury car. It has all the qualities of luxury car, from performance to beauty, from precision to elegance.

The critics regard it as one of the best cars in the world, having a price range from $46,600 to $56,700. It has retractable hardtop, along with power soft-top and has a glass window, which makes it lighter in weight. It can accommodate four passengers just like the BMW 3.

The 2009 Mini Cooper convertible is a fun-to-drive vehicle with seating capacity of four, and having reasonable price starting from $23,900 to $34,300. The car has so many great features that it is hard to beat. Mini Cooper is a British styling sporty performance car with economy-car gas mileage. As in any other car, there are some drawbacks, and for Mini Cooper, these are; tiny backseats, and stiff ride experience. Retractable hardtop is not the feature of this car, and that drops its rating comparing Mazda MX-5 Miata.

The 2009 Mazda MX-5 Miata is simply offering more fun per dollar than any other convertible in the market today. The price range is from $21,750 to $29,290. One would find all the qualities like fantastic fuel economy, reliability, precise handling, and comfort of choosing soft-top, or retractable hardtop. - 29952

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