Warn Locking Hubs

By Dorian Jepsen

Warn Industries is a northwest based company that has always provided high quality products for the off road marketplace. Their winches have been the gold standard for years. Over the years, as their product line has advanced, they have done a respectable job of keeping their output at an excellent level both for recreational users and industrial applications. The Warn Premium manual hubs are no exception to that.

Unlike other products in the offroad market, Warn manual hubs are an all-metal construction that includes a thicker internal wave spring to be certain that they stay engaged. For people who take their off-roading seriously, this is a huge benefit.

Whether it is the Rubicon trail or a more local excursion, failure is not an option when civilization has been left behind. It is with this thought in mind that Warn applies the title premium in their manual hub line. And as expected, they over-build and precision engineer their hubs to a specification that includes tolerances that meet or exceed anything likely to be thrown at them.

The Warn Premium manual hubs require a 9/10 turn on the dial to engage or disengage. This offers the user certainty that the lock has been set or released. The Premium line differs from the OEM options in a number of ways. To start, they're made with the ZA27 super alloy dial for strength. Then it's lined with additional seals. This provides the user a higher level of protection against contaminants. Combine that with the all-metal construction and a lifetime warranty and you end up with a product that offers good value while leaving no uncertainties about why its labeled "Premium".

As a company that is known for setting industry standards, Warn Industries is the undisputed "leader of the pack" with their Warn premium manual hub line.

Their hubs are compatible with all the major domestic and imported manufacturers and include products that will even fit older rigs from the fifties and the more esoteric vehicles from International Harvester and such. Regardless of the rig you want to take out in an off road trek, the Warn Premium manual hub offerings will give you the performance and dependability that you need to get you there and back. - 29952

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