No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service - Making Cycling Safe

By Dorthy Weatherbush

We've all been driving the highway before at some point and been left in shock at the antics of somebody on a motorcycle. Some motorcyclists weave in and out of traffic with no regards to the lanes at all. Other people don't even wear helmets or the other kind of proper attire. Some simply go too fast to be fully in control. Regardless of what they are doing, motorcycling has become very dangerous.

If you are going to ride a motorcycle around then you need to wear the correct equipment. It's a basic level of protection and it should be absolutely mandated that you need to be properly equipped. A solid helmet that's tightly in place, thick boots or shoes to protect your feet and basic clothing items such as a thick jacket and jeans. These items can make the difference between a bad injury and a tragic injury. They can make the difference between life and death for motorcyclists who get in bad accidents.

There is no reason not to protect yourself if you're on a motorcycle. However, there are many reasons why people on a motorcycle should protect themselves when thinking about the other people they share the road with. By not wearing the right kind of equipment, motorcyclists actually end up making the road more dangerous for everybody. Drivers in cars have to change the way they are driving so as to try to avoid these reckless people, and it can lead to other accidents, more traffic, collisions and all kinds of problems.

Accidents aren't just bad for those who are in them either. Other people are forced to sit in traffic, insurance premiums increase, injuries occur, and medical expenses rise as well. So not only is the motorcyclist affected, but motorcycle accidents affect everyone. That's why safety is the key.

The honest truth is that you will not be able to control your own safety entirely. There are some things that are just out of everyone's hands that even the most experienced and safest rider would not be able to avoid. The weather, the condition of the roadways, as well as the situation involving another driver, are all things that are out of the hands of the cyclist.

Considering all of that, you should take every step necessary to protect yourself. You can't completely control what happens to you on a bike, but you can control how protected you are from the consequences of an accident or some other kind of road incident. Always wear a proper helmet, and wear the right shoes as well. Don't forget that jackets and jeans also make a difference. If you wear all of this gear you'll be giving yourself a better chance of walking away from an accident unscathed, and you'll also be making the road safer for everybody else as well. - 29952

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