Routine Maintenance Of Your Auto Cooling System

By Syd U. Dithers

Driving along in their vehicles - be they truck , car or van most standard homeowners or automobile owners think little of their automotive cooling system in their vehicle until either disaster or inconvenience results. It might be overheating and a major repair bill at the dealership or it be a cold drive on Alberta winter highways with no heat output from their vehicle's interior heater.

In most cases little is thought of the fluid levels of the humble radiator of most vehicles , nor is the antifreeze concentration or concentrations proper or even adequate for the season driven. Different times of year may require less glycol , severe winter weather such as in northern Alberta Canada or Winnipeg Manitoba require substantially higher glycol antifreeze percentages. Take advantage of seasonal changes great . Forget about changing your fluid for the severe 40 below winter time temperatures and you risk a cracked engine block or worse.

How can anyone be taught how to check the coolant level. Simply open up the engine hood when your car has been sitting for a couple of hours. Look for a coolant canister . Its the overflow bottle container and looks simply like a plastic jug. If you do not know how to open your hood - often bonnets today can be a puzzle to open - then consult the auto manual that came with the car , online , or at the worst call your factory dealer or local garage. Just have your auto make , model and year available handy. To judge fluid levels simply look on the side of the coolant overflow container. There will be a marking "cold" or "cold fluid level". Simply compare the two marks - that of the level of the fluid in the coolant container and the mark on the side of the bottle. Do you have an adequate amount ?

Taking good care of fluid levels under the hood can spare you auto repair bills at your local garage and may well keep you away from car and truck dealers for extra years to come. Its well worth the effort all in all and only requires simple and ongoing attention to detail. After all its your car or truck and your vehicle repair or new car replacement costs out of your own pocketbook.

Its not only a matter of long term truck or car car and long life. Its not only about keeping your vehicle in good running order and a proper ongoing maintenance schedule. it is also about safety. If your vehicle breaks down prematurely or your rad overheats due to low coolant levels you may be stranded in less than desirable circumstances. In a cold winter time period - say in northern Alberta Canada or Manitoba without a properly working heat defrost mechanism you are a menace on the road to other drivers and vehicles on roads and highways. - 29952

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