Family Holiday - Car Rental Tips

By Tia Hippolite

There is nothing more exciting in life than to take a family vacation. You dream about no timetables or schedules to keep, and the chance to just enjoy each others company. But you may not think about the long drive in a car rental, with the kids, to your holiday destination and back. This may contribute to making your great family break away, successful or not.

The first thing to assist you in enjoying a long distance drive is food. Make sure there is allot of it and a good variety. Packing food into little packets will assist you as you disperse the food. Kids also like small things and nic nacs so they will enjoy the variety and not waste any unwanted portions. Finger food is best when traveling with kids because there is no need to find a safe place to stop and eat. Don't forget though that with food comes mess, and so to avoid destroying the rental car always carry a packet of baby wipes to clean those sticky little fingers. Drinking water is always recommended on long drives as soft drinks and juices can give children sore tummies.

Your holiday may involve a flight and then a long drive. If so, do some research about the area that you plan to drive through. This will give you an opportunity to stop at a local supermarket to buy snacks and treats for the kids. It will save you money instead of pulling into a food stop during the drive. It is also a great way to test out the rental car and ensure it is in good working order and the driver is happy.

We all know that the kids will ask, "How long till we get there?". You can delay the dreaded question by organising books to read and games for the kids. Traditional family driving games are fun and the kids will have fond memories of their driving holidays. A good tip to keeping the kids occupied longer in a game is to ensure mum and dad participate. Another important thing to consider is to book the right size rental car for your family. Although you may save money on a smaller car, there is nothing worse then trying to squish kids into a vehicle that is not appropriate. You will appreciate the space when the kids begin to get bored and grumpy.

Try including the kids nap time into the driving leg of your holiday. This will give you at least a few minutes of quiet time. If you find that the kids are restless, simply stop for some fresh air and a quick snack and they will hopefully return to the hire car ready for a nap.

Memories are made on family holidays so enhance your family break away by planning ahead. By following these tips you can prevent little travelers from being unhappy. The most important thing to remember is to book the right size rental car that will keep everyone comfortable. - 29952

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