Where in the World is that Perfect Tool Chest?

By Gerald Connor

A tool chest is like a shoe...it needs to fit before the user is happy. Your precious tools deserve nothing less than the best container. We will help you navigate the curves and determine the best chest for your needs.

1) Determine the Size and Mobility. They say that "Bigger is Better", but that is not always the case when you are looking for that perfect toolbox. What if you have only a wrench, a screwdriver and a hammer? There is no need for one of those "gigantic" chest sit would only take up space and be a real pain to get to the location you want to work at. If you get a toolbox to fit the number of tools you have you will be much better off.

2) The Size of the Drawers. As we all know, tools come in various shapes and sizes. Your toolbox needs to be able to fit the tools that you own (or plan to own). That's simple enough. Tools such as rulers, crowbars and levels tend to be rather narrow, but long. Will the drawers of the toolbox you are considering house them? Be sure to keep the drawer ratings in mind as well.

3) Drawer Slides. Drawer slides are those little rails that the chest drawers slide upon. They need to be appropriate for the drawer, or the drawers will not run smoothly. For shallow drawers you will only need two slides. If the drawers are particularly deep, then you will need four. If you want to have smooth action then you need to consider the weight rating of the drawer. Remember, ball bearing slides are the best you can get (but they are not a necessity).

4) The Casters. If you are planning on moving your toolbox around the garage you will want to have it set on casters. Casters need to be the right size. If they are too small they will catch on uneven surfaces, causing the chest to tip over and possibly cause injuries. Casters of 4" are a bare minimum, with 5" or 6" casters being preferred. Two of these casters should be of the locking variety so that it will not roll all over the place.

5) What's It Made From? Is the chest you are considering made from "Stainless Steel" or "Mild Steel"? They are the primary choices.

6) What Kind of Warranty? If the warranty is great, it usually means that the company stands behind their product. A lifetime warranty is the best...get one if you can.

These are the six things that you need to look for when locating that perfect tool chest for your beloved tools. - 29952

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