Clear Corners and Chrome Bulbs (An Easy Modification)

By David Ostiguy

Stealth Auto has the best chrome bulbs for clear turn signal bulbs. Whether you own a BMW, Mercedes, Mustang, or whatever else, the mirror bulbs offered at Stealth Auto are the best bulbs that money can buy. We dare you to challenge these bulbs with other bulbs.

Upon careful examination of the competitor's bulbs, you will still find a yellow tint to the bulb. Some people would just settle for less, but if you check out our stealth bulbs, you will see a difference in quality. These are the best bulbs made! That's quite a statement to say.

We also guarantee that once you install your clear turn signal lenses and our stealth bulbs, that all your friends will be copying what you're doing.

Having chrome bulbs installed into your vehicle will add serious personality to the front of your car. You want to talk about tricking out and cleaning up the look of your vehicle, try clear lenses and chrome bulbs installed in your vehicle.

The question you might ask is why would you need chrome bulbs? Because the yellow looking bulb from the factory will make your clear corners look bad.

Stealth Auto Chrome Bulbs are the best bulbs to get for your clear corners. There are several people who use these bulbs for pro car shows and for street use. They are 100% street legal and are also DOT Approved and meet all the requirements from the OEM.

Stealth Auto Bulbs fit into every car, truck and SUV, and could also be installed in Motorcycles too. These bulbs are also made in the United States and offers complete customer satisfaction; we know that you won't be disappointed.

You will not find any bulbs as flawless as Stealth Auto Bulbs and won't see anything else like this on the market. This product cannot be found anywhere else except for clicking the links below. - 29952

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