Car Insurance, Young Drivers And Civil Law Suits

By Jerry Dodd

These days, owning a car is a necessity and not a luxury. However, purchasing a new one is not something that we do often or impulsively. Maintaining a vehicle and the costs that go along with owning one, such as insurance, gas, and repairs is are high. Keeping a vehicle is not an easy thing to do.

Having a car insurance policy is mandatory these days in almost every state of America. Though procuring young car insurance is not easy, owing to the number of accidents caused by youngsters, and their tendency to over-speed, there are some auto insurance companies which do come forward to quote young car insurance rates.

If you have children of driving age and they are looking forward to driving, one thing you will have to consider is getting insurance coverage in the child's name. To accomplish this, you may have to shop around for insurance rate quotes from several insurance companies, and also determine the company with the policy, coverage and rates that are the best fit for your child.

Before issuing young car insurance, companies verify certain details like the model of the car and the safety devices installed. They also verify the academic record of your child because it is perceived that an academically brilliant student will be cautious on road too.

Apart from what has been mentioned above, the auto insurance companies also verify if the young driver has a good driving history, even if it is a brief one, and whether he has been issued tickets. His insurance policy rate will come down if there is no blemish in his record.

Even though there are many insurance companies who are reluctant to issue policies, there are some good insurance companies that are willing to do so. They are willing to do so for those young drivers who are willing to jump through all the right hoops and meet strict requirements laid out by the insurance company.

Let us assume that your youngster was involved in a road accident for no fault of his and the mistake was entirely on the part of the other driver. You may claim the payments for the repair works etc., from the insurance company, which will be settled in line with the agreement in the policy.

Secondly, if you still feel that you have not been adequately compensated for the damages suffered by your car and some small injuries suffered by your son and also the mental agony suffered by you, you may still file a civil suit against the other driver and claim a compensation which you consider legitimate in the circumstances. Legal proceedings take time and you need to have lot of patience, until justice is done. - 29952

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