Why It Is Important To Inspect Your Vehicle Before You Ship It

By Tom Kearns

As an auto shipping customer, there are several important questions that we ask ourselves, concerning our vehicle when deciding on the right auto shipping company. How much will it cost to ship my car, truck, or van from point A to point B? How long with the transport take?

An important factor that we all should also consider is the safety of our vehicle. You want to make sure that your car or truck arrives in the same condition at its final destination as it was in at its origin. In the transportation world this doesn't always happen. That's why it is so important to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle when you turn it over to the auto shipping company. Below are a few key points to keep in mind when inspecting your vehicle:

Before and after shipping, make sure to do a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle with a representative from the shipping company. That way you can both agree and sign off on any existing damage before departure, and any new damage that may have happened during transport. Make sure that you get a signed copy of the condition report before turning your car over to the driver.

The functionality of your car now should be the same as when you drive it at its destination. Check every functional aspect (turn signals, head lights, tail lights, etc.) of the vehicle with the representative and get a sign off on this too, as well as a copy of the agreement for you. Make note of any items attached to the interior that may become knocked about during the journey. Take pictures of the interior as well as the windows.

Check your windows and windshield. A small crack or chip on your windshield may seem like no big deal, but don't let it go unnoticed. Small chips turn into big cracks. This is a real problem even if it seems minor at the time of inspection.

If you do find any damage on your vehicle make sure to follow these tips below:

The first thing you must do is report any and all damages immediately. This will avoid confusion as to where and when the damage occurred and will give you a much better shot at getting it fixed and paid for by someone other than yourself.

Take pictures. Take a lot of pictures. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and there is no better proof of claim than photographic evidence of damage.

Get a reasonable estimate of the repairs required. The first thing an insurance company's claim department will ask is "How much?" Many shipping companies will allow you to get your own estimate and have your vehicle repaired at your usual auto repair place, whether it's a dealership or a trusted auto shop.

Hopefully, your vehicle will not sustain any damages at all. But better to be safe than sorry. By following the above before-and-after-journey steps to inspect your vehicle, you will not go wrong no matter what folly occurs during shipment. - 29952

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