Lexus IS 250c- One Of The Most Regarded Cars

By Danny Green

The base price of Lexus IS 250 is between $31,845 and $35,475, with additional handling fees. In spite of this, it is an admirable car. It boosts luxurious interior and exterior features, hi-tech cruise control, and many automatic functions. Lexus IS 250 is styled in such a way that it reminds you of the larger and expensive Lexus sedans. The people draw constant comparison between Lexus IS 250, and its rival BMW-3 series. It is only a matter of choice. The loyal customers of Toyota claim that Lexus IS 250 excel in styling from its counterpart.

The internal covering of the car has beautiful and attractive soft touch surface. The plastic covers of this car are also attractive. The back seats of the car can accommodate up to five passengers, however, the seats are not much wide. This model of Lexus has several attractive and beneficial features due to which, one can overlook the defects of the car, if any. You can enjoy the memorable journey in this car because of the ventilated seats, and power steering wheel.

This car has ten striking colours. It has an aerodynamic design having low coefficient of 0.28, due to which, the car can gain maximum acceleration with low-toned noise, and efficient fuel economy. There are several other remarkable features of the car, which make it different from other cars such as fog lamps, daytime running lights, rain sensing wipers, tilted mirrors along with amazing parking assistance.

The car can run on all the wheels, as it has such an engine, which exerts force on the front, and back wheel axels. Due to this, it enables the car to move on the surfaces, and in all weather conditions. The two V6 engines having 240 horsepower makes the car to achieve maximum acceleration.

The extremely remarkable feature of this car is that it does not require keys. The car gets started with a single push button. The Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management integrates the dynamics of the car.

The safety features of this car are highly enhanced. In order to give optimum security to the passenger, there is a first aid kit, and air bag system. The car is equipped with a superb pre-collision system. With the help of this system, the air bag system, and seat belts also fastens when there is a probability of collision. The radar helps in detection of any sort of obstacle, which appears on the computer screen.

The navigation system of this car is outstanding, and user friendly. It is a voice-activated hard disk drive navigation system. It is not only touch sensitive, but also voice sensitive. If you want directions from the navigation system, you can simply ask it! It will calculate up to three different routes, and guide you audibly, and visually.

Mostly people are worried about the maintenance of Lexus IS 250c, which is the main doubt related to all the luxury sedans. In order to overcome any type of defect in the car, you can simply avail the services offered at various Lexus service stations. - 29952

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