How Much Difference Could Hybrid Cars Make To Global Warming?

By Danny Green

The fact that the climate of the earth is becoming warmer due to global warming is beyond any question. The past several years have been the warmest recorded in history. Scientists have observed over the years that the major factor causing global warming is the burning of fossil fuels. People prefer using hybrid cars as an attempt to limit greenhouse gas emission. Global warming can be slowed down, and can be controlled reasonably, if we minimise fossil fuel usage.

In order to combat global warming, hybrid cars should be used as they use less gas in its engines than other gas cars. The demand for technologies that are environment friendly is becoming more and more with awareness regarding the threats of global warming becoming more common. Hybrid cars not only use less fuel, they also have an improved mileage than regular cars, due to the small size of its engine.

A battery works along with fuel to run the engine of the hybrid car. When compared to a regular vehicle, a hybrid car emits thirty to fifty percent lesser greenhouse gas. It also has a superior mileage then regular cars, thanks to advancement in technology. The number of miles it runs extra compared to a regular vehicle come to around ten to fifteen. It is little wonder that why hybrid cars are famous for their economic value.

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV/ s) are the most sought after hybrid cars that use both electric, and gas supply. The electric motor in many hybrid cars allows for superior performance along with lesser utilisation of gas. This contributes in the fight against global warming. Whenever the vehicle comes to a standstill, some hybrid cars have been designed to switch from the gas motor to the electric one.

Unfortunately, with the depleting fossil fuel reserves, the prices of gas are rising increasingly. With awareness regarding environment threats becoming more rampant, consumers are looking for alternate technologies, which give bright hope to the future of hybrid cars. Another factor that adds to this hope is the incentive offered by several government tax reductions for those consumers who want to buy a hybrid car.

Not only do hybrid cars use less fuel, they are also relatively easy to clean as compared to other cars. The hybrid cars do not share the ever-increasing emission of toxic gases like carbon dioxide like regular cars. Hybrid cars, on the other hand, contribute to lesser oil spill, and lesser disturbance of life in the tropical forests. This plays a huge role in combating global warming.

Whenever a hybrid car has replaced a regular automobile on the road, a contribution is made in controlling global warming. The dangerous off shoots and the greenhouse gas emission of such regular vehicles is a serious threat to the earth climate. Hybrid cars have been designed in a manner that they use gasoline to a minimum. This leads to limited damage to the environment.

Now, it is up to us to take action, and slow down the growth of global warming. Each individual has the ability to make a significant contribution to the combat against global warming. Usage of hybrid cars may not be able to stop global warming altogether; however, it plays its role in creating a comparatively cleaner and healthier environment. - 29952

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