The Ins And Outs Of Mud Bogging

By Wayne Allen

Sometimes when you grow up in the country, you have to get creative when it comes to entertainment. Some of the most fun things to do involve little more than some rowdy company who isn't scared to get a little dirty. I'm certain that's how one the beloved pastimes for county young people got its start. Some folks decided to test out just how good their four-wheel drive vehicles can handle extreme situations. This activity is better known as mud bogging to those who do it.

There are many things you need to know to fully understand all this sport has to offer. For instance, you need to understand that to those that participate, this is a sport. Other things that will be addressed within this article are: what mud bogging actually is and how you should go about getting a good mudder. Which means, how to get a vehicle in shape to mud bog.

I should start by saying again that this is in fact a sport that is nationwide. While perhaps less noteworthy than football or something like that, mud bogging is growing in popularity all the time. In the south, mud bogging goes on all year, since the warm weather is ideal for mud production. The more north you go, however, the more mud bogging becomes seasonal according to the fluctuation in weather patterns.

You need two things to have a successful mud bog: a good ride and good mud. I will address the vehicles later, so we'll discuss the mud. Typically this is laid out in trench a little wider than the vehicles themselves. It spans anywhere from 1/8 of a mile to a full one depending on the location. If you have a good deal of space and time to set it up, the longer, deeper, and better all around the bog is.

Winning a mud bog is usually as simple as getting through the trench. Very often, few engines can pull their respective vehicles through the trench to the other side. Well, without getting help that is. If you get stuck, that's it. If everyone gets stuck, the driver who made it the farthest takes first place. If more than one person makes it out of the other side without assistance, the driver who accomplished this with the best time takes top spot.

If you hope to compete in a mud bog, you have to have the right equipment. Firemen don't show up to fires without water, and so you too should educate yourself on the necessities of victory. First and foremost you need a powerful engine inside the body of a truck or jeep. I have seen a few mudders in my day that were cars, but this rarely worked out well. Most will then advise you to jack up the truck and pop on some oversized tires. This should help you through even the deepest of trenches.

Mud bogging is usually only competing for bragging rights, and every once and a while a wager or community pool taken among the racers and spectators. This keeps the sport grounded and still fairly wholesome.

Truth be told, mud bogging is an exciting thing to watch as well as participate in. I know from experience. It will never be as big as baseball, but it can certainly say it has made its mark on the adventurous youth of rural America. - 29952

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