Which Video Strategies Can You Use For The Automotive Industry

By John Harvey

New Cars: The pride of a car dealership are always the new models. These cars show the latest developments of their make and they are considered the expert for their make. There is also no direct competition other than other franchise dealers.

You can also use video to showcase your entire inventory of used vehicles. Most dealerships sell far more used vehicles than new, so it's a logical step to provide video features that give all the information about the used vehicles available on your lot. This makes it easy for potential customers to shop online at their convenience and improves your chances of turning over your used car inventory much faster.

Specialty Cars: These cars are attractive because of their uniqueness. Those vehicles can actually be a real crowd pleaser and a crowd magnet. So it's always good to put a car like these in the video mix as it might draw a lot of attention on the internet.

Videos can be designed as a report on a specific vehicle. This type of video would include a show and tell of all of the vehicle's special and unique features. It can also really zero in on the highlights that would make potential purchasers really like this vehicle.

Feature several vehicles. Similarly, you can do a video that features multiple vehicles. You can compare and contrast different vehicles based on important characteristics like horsepower, gas mileage, and other selling features. You could also create a video on a particular line or model or a particular model over the years.

Another great way to use video on your dealership's site is to do a walk-around video. Basically that involves taping one person (pick someone with a great personality and "stage presence") as they show and talk about a vehicle. It could include the person opening the hood and talking about all the great attributes of the engine and the power this particular vehicle has to offer. Or it could be centered more on the person getting behind the wheel and showing how to use all the different controls and features and then taking the car for a test drive.

Similarly, you could also do a multi-person walk-around video. This would involve a similar presentation delivered by several different people at the dealership. For instance, the sales person could take a test drive of the vehicle while the service manager could talk about the great warranty the vehicle comes with and a mechanic could focus on what a powerful motor the vehicle has under the hood. The finance manager could even talk about how simple and easy it is to apply for financing and get an answer the same day.

Dealership introduction. A video is the ideal way to show and tell potential new customers all about your dealership-before they even step onto your lot. You can show them what you have to offer, featuring your waiting area, play space for children, free coffee when you come, how clean your service department is, and more.

Invitation to special events: Special sales events or other promo strategies can also be advertised through online video. Just make sure you take those videos are down after the promotion has ended. - 29952

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