The Bane Of Society: Reckless Driving

By Christos Chalfont

Whatever the actual reasoning behind the individuals that do it, reckless driving is the bane of the country today. Every year thousands and thousands of innocent people die on our roads because some idiot wants to put on a show to his mates. There are usually other reasons as well, and we will discuss a few of them in this article.

Defined as a serious moving traffic violation, reckless driving is the next level of careless driving, and has severe fines and penalties attached to a conviction. The more serious offenses of reckless driving carry with them multiple penalties. There are thousands of people who have permanently lost their right to a driving license thanks to some burst of insanity at a young age, and can never drive again in their lives.

There are different types of punishment are applied for reckless driving depending on what state you are in, however they are all quite serious.

Some of the most common reasons for reckless driving are listed below:

Alcohol " As anyone could have guessed, the top reason for reckless driving is people being under the influence of alcohol while driving. The penalties for this offence is far severe than most of the other reasons because there are two laws being broken, one is of course, the reckless driving and the other is driving under the influence of alcohol.

Peer Pressure " When driving with a group of friends it is very common for people to be encouraged to over take a particular vehicle or to just generally driver faster and the result is reckless driving. In order to be charged with reckless driving you dont actually need to crash, just to be seen (or recorded) driving recklessly is enough.

Drugs " No real need to explain this one is there?

Road Rage " This is a more modern cause of reckless driving and the most common reason for people getting angry on the road is seeing other people driving badly, and so this seems to inspire people to drive badly themselves!

It is not an extensive list of reasons but you get the general gist. Whatever reasoning behind it reckless driving is simply not acceptable and it is up to us as a community to put a stop to it. - 29952

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