Choosing The Right Auto Insurance For Atlanta

By Tom J. Landerson

Car insurance is a requirement for those of us who want the privileged of driving. Now a days in most states, proper insurance for your vehicle is the law. There are many places to find insurance but make sure you get what you need, not just the best price.

For those of us who have been driving for years, we know that the standard requirements are 25/50/25. For people with cars financed through banks or finance companies, liability is definitely required. Be sure you check the local requirements by law in your area.

As the owner of your insurance policy, it's your responsibility to call your agent or insurance company in the event of an accident. Even if you are not at fault, it's best to let them know the situation. Make sure you are clear about what you policy covers and don't hesitate to aks questions.

Ask your agent about discounts that are available to you regarding your insurance. Consumers are sometimes afraid to ask for a discount on their car insurance or for other purchases. Consider the different car insurance rates offered by many companies and be aware that there may be a difference in service.

We are bombarded with insurance companies spouting rates covering a wide spectrum. However, the old rule, "less is best may not apply here". Remember to read the fine print or ask your agent to make sure you get what you ask for.

If you allow someone not covered on your policy to drive your vehicle and they have an accident, you are totally responsible, not your insurance company. In some instances it might not be required your car to be covered, which would be an exception. Again a perfect example of why you need to know your states insurance laws.

Many, if not all states have made it a requirement that all vehicles carry liability. Georgia and other states require the insurance companies to record the specifics of your insurance policy in the database that covers the entire state. This is how they can better track uninsured drivers.

The department of revenue in Georgia is able to detect which vehicle owners who are negligent with their insurance. As noted above, due to this requirement the Department of Revenue is able to monitor the car insurance holders. They will compare the registrations in their database to those who don't have an active car insurance policy.

Whatever your insurance needs are you can be sure that either online or through a local agent, make sure that your needs are covered. Car insurance can be a tricky things and it's best to make sure your vehicle is totally covered. Spending unnecessary dollars on fixing your vehicle is not something any of us would like to do. - 29952

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