Lexus IS 250c Provides An Amazing Driving Experience

By Danny Green

Lexus IS 250c belongs to the category of Lexus IS 250c saloon, and has a convertible/coupe attribute. The Lexus engineers to give the customers an improved version that promises a delightful experience have done tremendous amount of work on Lexus IS 250c. The roof of this car is created with a three-piece aluminium metal.

The roof has a folding characteristic, and it has the time span of performing its function of 21 seconds. After the roof has been its place, the Lexus IS 250c provides a high notch feel to the consumers. Amongst the many attributes, Lexus IS 250 is a remarkably soundproof car, not letting a single wave of sound entering it.

However, the car is meant for stately cruising, which it does very well. The American version of the Lexus IS 250c has a bigger engine, which makes it sportier. The Lexus IS 250c is an easy car to drive, as it is loaded with technology to make driving it safe and easy. The feedback from the steering is good and positive, and the brakes are well weighted.

The car has been designed for impressive driving, and it excels to do so. A bigger engine for American version of Lexus IS 250c gives the sportier look. With the technology incorporated in the car, it is safer, and easier to drive it. The brakes are carefully weighted, and the steering shows tremendous response.

Changes have been made in the shape of the needles. The positioning of the windshield has been slightly inclined backward to avoid resistance. The climate control mechanism has been installed for top down driving, and it is directly proportional to the speed. This version proposes the safest drive in its type, and has been honoured with five stars in both the American and Euro NCAP tests.

You can also spot variation is the shape of the needles. To diminish the resistance, the windshield has been positioned in a backward inclined manner. The climate control is installed for top down cruising, and it is directly proportional to the speed. This car proposes the safest drive when compared to those that are inclusive in this particular class. It was rewarded 5 stars in both American and Euro NCAP tests.

The structure of the Lexus has been designed to eliminate vibration with an open top driving. A large number of convertibles gave an irritating experience. The ride quality is smooth on all road surfaces and not uneasy, as is the case in some sports cars. Passenger comfort is well catered for and the equipment list in a Lexus IS 250c is quite generous.

This car has been particularly designed for those who want to have an impressive convertible with the amalgam of safety and luxury and it should not be mistaken for a sports convertible car. - 29952

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