Used Motorhome Buying Checklist

By Frank Anderson

Buying a used rv is always going to be more uncertain than purchasing a brand spanking new one. The checklist below is written to help a motorhome buyer avoid the common pitfalls.

Points to consider before purchasing a new rv:

1. Check all parts that make up you propane system. Make sure you fully check the LPG system. RV fires do happen and some times they're the result of a neglected propane system. You could be risking your investment, and your life if you overlook this area.

2. Check the condition of the leisure batteries. The house batteries hold the charge that powers your lights and other items when not connected to a power supply. Find the leisure batteries and give them a thorough inspection. They will be expensive to exchange, and there might possibly be more than one. Are they properly topped off with water, and do they hold a charge? These batteries are significant and faults with batteries can add a significant amount on top of your buying price.

3. Motorhome fridges usually operate from both the electrics and gas system.

4. Confirm the furnace and air conditioning apparatus are working properly. These can be costly units to repair and you'll want to ask for a reduction if the units are not working correctly. These parts of the campervan are very specialised and time consuming to repair. If there is any uncertainty there might be a defect ask for a reduction if the appliances are not working correctly

5. Is the restroom leaking?. If the motorhome has been sitting for a period of time the seal may well have have dried out. Add a modest amount of water to the floor of the WC and notice if it holds water for more than 10 minutes. Bring to mind that the water within the rest room is what holds back the fumes attempting to escape from the black water holding tank.

6. The floor of the rv should be examined for any weaker spots. The kitchen and wc areas are often the worst areas for rot etc..

7. The outer shell of the campervan you are viewing may have some issues. Investigate carefully for signs of ruse or bubbling etc. If you find any potential problems ask the owner to scratch away some of the paint work to get a better look. Typical areas to consider are the roof, welded folds and Wheel arches.

8. If it has a petrol engine, then I highly advocate you meticulously scrutinize the engine records. A first-rate owner might have back receipts of all engine maintenance

9. Finally, do a Comprehensive walk-through. Open and close all doors and windows. Switch everything on and off. Be dubious and take notes as you walk through the rig. - 29952

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