Auto Insurance In Arizona - Extensive Coverage; Lower Rates

By Chimezirim Gabriel Odimba

You stand the chance of enjoying very competitive auto insurance rates while also enjoying sufficient coverage in Arizona. These could come together in one single package and it's not that one would be at the expense of the other. And even then, you would do better by being very conversant with the auto insurance laws in Arizona.

The laws state that all drivers should have auto insurance cover. It also states that the party at fault bears responsibility for bodily injuries and damages in an accident. This means, your insurer bears the costs where you are found guilty in any accident involving another party.

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Basically, the laws provide that your auto insurance policy should cover the injured party to the tune of $15k per person up to a total of $30k in any one accident where you're at fault. Likewise, your policy should provide coverage of at least $10k for property damage. Having this kind of auto insurance policy would suffice by Arizona laws.

But have you ever thought of what the consequences would be if a party that has this kind of basic auto insurance coverage is found to be at fault in an accident that would require up to $53,000 to offset damages?

If that happens, the insurer would only be liable up to the tune of $40,000. she has his car damaged, and even so if it's beyond repairs. The at fault party bears the burden on their own...and that leads to how one could have the best and comprehensive coverage.

Sufficient coverage would protect you from losses after assessing your life pattern, assets and individual situation. It must, however, be noted the same kind of auto insurance coverage might not be suitable for two different individuals. Coverage should, however, be upgraded from time to time to reflect your present needs. Therefore, it is always better to consult with an auto insurance agent you really trust to guide you through what is suitable for you in terms of auto insurance coverage.

Here are things you'd have to do to attract superior coverage at dirt cheap rates...

1. Be careful how you drive. Good driving records make you a good prospect with insurers.

2. If you can cope with it, acquire a relatively cheap car. This would lower your rates.

3. Grab any discount that comes by way of multi-vehicle discounts by insuring all your cars with one company.

4. Don't bother with minor claims. 3 or 5 years without a single claim qualifies you for a "no claims bonus.

5. If you buying insurance for your old car, you may as well leave out any collision and comprehensive coverage.

6. Ensure that you install anti-theft facilities in your car.

7. Where you buy your home matters. There are neighborhoods that attract higher rates.

8. Get as many quotes as you can from various policy providers. Going online to compare rate quotes would give you the benefits of even saving more on auto policies. - 29952

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