Making A Kids Room Special with A Race Car Bed

By Carrie Endelsein

Does your husband or boyfriend have a fondness for NASCAR? How about getting your younger son involved in this sport too. After all boys love to copy their dads, with race car beds you can complete a new look in that child's room and they will love it.

Maybe as they've gotten a bit older they've found that NASCAR is something they really enjoy talking about. Or it could be something they enjoy watching along side of their dad. Why not have your son pick a driver they like a lot and decorate a room in the theme colors of that driver.

Let your kid have a son in the room's color scheme, even if they pick out an odd color like orange that you may not want to switch the whole room over to. Just painting one wall in the room with that distinctive orange can make a huge difference in the d?cor.

Race car beds can use specially designed sheets that are also themed in the same manner. Or you can buy plain sheets and add on some racing strips to them. If your young boy loves Cars the movie they even have Lightning McQueen race car beds you can buy.

Including your son in the decisions will make them feel bigger, and have a sense of pride about the room. Hey, who knows maybe they will even clean it more often! Adding in an area rug that is something to do with race cars or even the driver they like the most is a great idea too.

You don't even need to paint all the walls if you want to stick with not buying too many things for the room. Paint one wall in the room a color that the driver's car is associated with. Decorate the other walls with some pictures of cars or drivers.

You can even add in a rug or carpet that looks like it has a road on it. Paint the other walls to go along with the theme that you're using. Even painting some of the wall so that it looks like the inside of a garage.

Use this type of project as one that will bring your family closer together. And of course if you have a little girl, don't forget about her room and adding in something nice. Of course most girls will not want the race car beds though. - 29952

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