Buying Tires From Sears

By Roman Robinson

Anytime you're making a purchase, it's best to look around at a few different stores to find the best deal overall. When you're looking for tires, you might consider Sears tires. Many people have been pleased with their experience with Sears, while others wish they'd chosen a different company. In order to ensure that you're making the best decision, you'll want to carefully consider the pros and cons of various companies.

One of the reasons that many people like buying Sears tires is because they find it to be very convenient. They can take their car in and while their Sears tires are being balanced and rotated, they can shop around for their other needs. Many people like the idea of killing two birds with one stone, instead of having to sit in a waiting room at a tire repair store.

You can also buy your Sears tires online, which is more convenient for some. You simply choose the tires you're looking for, pay for them, and then drive to your closest Sears to have them balanced. Many people like this option because they'll know exactly what they're going to spend before they get there, and it gives them the opportunity to shop around to find the best prices.

However, some people don't like to buy Sears tires. Those who have needs for specialty or high performance tires find that Sears doesn't always have what they need. While they can likely find a similar tire and have it delivered to Sears, this process can sometimes take days or weeks. If you want your tires right away, Sears tires might not be the best option.

Another issue with Sears tires is their pricing structure. Many people who shop around end up finding that there are other companies out there that can provide a better price than Sears can. Sears is not in business solely to sell tires, so they often don't have some of the discounts and extras that other tire stores can offer.

One additional thing to consider is the lifespan of Sears tires. While they do come with a warranty, some are worried about the longevity of Sears stores in general. With many department stores closing or declaring bankruptcy, they worry that they'll buy Sears tires, only to have Sears go out of business within a few weeks or months. The concern is that their warranty would no longer be valid and they'd have to pay another company for repairs that should have been covered. - 29952

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