Dangers Of Negligent Driving

By Johann Ken Flanders

No longer is driving without due care and attention an acceptable defense. Momentary lapses of attention are not allowed as an excuse now, and improper driving is an offense that can land you in jail!

Powerful associations like MADD " Mothers against drunk driving, and other such associations have been lobbying for such changes in the law for quite some time now, and several states have statutes which vary in degrees depending on the severity of the outcome of careless driving.

But what is so surprising is that people dont take driving without due care and attention so seriously. They sympathize with the offender and offer advice as to how they can get away from it all! On a legal forum, we came across a question put by a member who apparently was charged for spinning tires on a gravel road by virtue of going very fast. There was a petrol pump next to where he was fined and the officer mentioned in his report that the offender was driving without due care and attention, and that since the petrol pump was open and there were people in the area, he could have injured someone. Now, the question in the forum was whether proving if the petrol pump was closed will be beneficial to his case, and to our surprise, dozens of people gave advice as to how he could prove that something in the cops report was wrong! What citizenship!!

Each year, thousands of people get maimed or killed due to negligent drivers, and still we dont sit up and take notice. Tens of thousands of people lose their licenses each year (at least temporarily) owing to reckless driving, and most of them are back on the streets driving without a valid license! The funny thing is that even if we know about it, we dont really pull the guy up. Instead, we offer advice as to how he can continue to escape the law; and that is what causes most of the offences on our highways.

Driving without due care and attention is not as serious as drunk driving or cell-phone-driving in the eyes of most people, and in some cases even the police, however it is one of the leading causes of accidents on out roads and so it should be addressed with more seriousness and authority. - 29952

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