A Review Of The Pioneer DEH-1100 Car CD Player

By Jeremy Peterson

If you're looking to change your original factory installed radio/cassette player with a car CD player, consider the Pioneer DEH-1100 Car CD Player.

This particular model is ideal for the budget-conscious individual. Its reasonably priced with good features and a good reputation for quality. The Pioneer DEH-1100 plays music without distortion, and it has a simple, clean design, with an easy-to-read digital display.

The CD player accepts only one CD at a time, which is ideal if you're someone who have a few all-time favorite CDs stashed in their car, or if you have one of those learn-Italian-on-your-way-to-work CDs that you're determined to listen to over and over again. Its ideal also, if you decide to burn a few easy-driving CD music mixes onto a blank CD. Yes indeed, that's right, the Pioneer Car CD Player is compatible with home-recorded audio CD-Rs.

All the controls are push button and they are lighted, which makes them easy to find when you're night driving. And whats lovely is that there are only 5 of them, along with local, clock and bsm buttons. The buttons are relatively easy to use. For example, if you press the source button, it lets you choose between the CD player and the radio. And if you hold it down for more than 1 second, the unit switches off.

As for finding the right track, the scan button allows you to play the first ten seconds of each track in succession. Or if you want to repeat a particular track, you play several tracks in random order, you can do this as well.

With the Pioneer DEH-1100, you've also got access to up to 18 FM radio stations and 6 AM stations. This means, you have at any one time up to 24 stations at your fingertips, along with the alternative of your single CD installed.

Another handy feature, is the upside-down eject. If you insert your CD upside down, it will get automatically ejected.

As you can tell, this is the type of CD player, that the technically faint-of-heart, like myself, like. I don't own and iPod, and while I love my MP3 player but still find it challenging to add new music or podcasts to it. You're not getting the fanciest of all CD players out there, but you'll be definitely choosing a good, reliable model. - 29952

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