Why Auto Insurance Is A Must Have

By Jerry Dodd

Many motorists often wonder what the purpose of auto insurance is. Why is it illegal to not have it and why does it often cost so terribly much? Many people have a vague understanding of auto insurance as a simple protection against monetary loss that may be incurred from accidents which may not be their fault. Auto insurance however can provide a broad range of services to help make sure you are not put into a financial disaster! For example, there are many coverage options that can include a person's health care costs well over half a million dollars, and property damages that can cover the cost of just about any mainstream vehicle. Some auto insurance policies also include several other options such as rental reimbursement and emergency assistance.

Unexpected events can be covered by comprehensive coverage. Its not just collisions and accidents. Things like vandalism, mischief, theft, and flood damage can be covered. This of course all depends on the coverage and your insurance company you have. This type of coverage brings a peace of mind to both the motorist and the banks lending money out there. The banks are covered for the loan even if the accident doesnt involve other motorist. This makes it easier for you to get a loan from them.

GAP is a controversial coverage now being offered by some companies. This type of coverage will pay the difference on loans even if you owe more than the car is worth and the damage to the car is more that the value of the car. Most insurance companies dont do this.

Did you know that you can even be covered if you have a run in with an uninsured motorist? Many dont know this, but there is a special fee know as the uninsured fee that will cover you if you have this type of run in. Im sure you feel more secure now that you know you will be able to pay for damges to your car even if you have an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Today auto insurance also covers business owners by protecting them from things that are very hard to venture off into. Drivers for transportation based businesses use auto insurance to insure that their jobs are worth doing even though there is a high rate of accidents today.

Auto insurance tends to be on the expensive side, which brings us to the next purpose. Often a person with a better driving record will have lower rates than a person with a bad driving record. In this way auto insurance rewards those who are responsible, reasonable drivers. It also discourages aggressive driving and dangerous habits of other drivers. Nobody wants to get into an accident, especially if it will mean more and more money per month out of their pocket!

The final purpose of auto insurance is to discourage lavished and unreasonable automobiles. Let's face it, if you have a half million dollar car, someone hasto insure it. So if you can't afford the few thousand dollar payment every month for that kind of vehicle, you probably wont even think about buying it. In a way this makes things more practice for new drivers to get less expensive, more timid cars. The safety rating as well as the make and model of the car can make a tremendous difference on the payment amount for insurance. This makes auto insurance a reality check for those of us who just want that really fast car to go.... really fast!

Now you know that there is more to auto insurance than you thought. So, even thought the price might be higher than we'd like, its all worth it because we dont have to worry about how we will pay for our cars or hospital bills if an accident were to occur. - 29952

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