The Importance Of Using Radar Detectors

By Charles Thomas

Have you ever had the unpleasant experience of being pulled over by a policeman despite owning a functioning radar detector? If this has happened to you then you are probably already know that todays radar detectors do not live up to their promises. One of the primary reasons that todays radar detectors fail is because of the new radar gun technology that the police have happily begun using.

The police utilize radar guns that have digital signal processing (DSP) technology. DSP allows the radar guns to constantly be on just waiting to read a cars speed. This allows radar guns to measure the speed in less than four tenths of a second. You have absolutely no hope of stopping in time to prevent a speeding ticket.

These new radar guns are not only fast, they also have a lower power foot print. They use Ka band frequency and a very high bandwidth. This is five times higher than what was used by the earlier X band radar guns. Now you know why your radar detector is unable to spot these new radar guns.

Your radar detector is set to scan the entire bandwidth spectrum in order to try to detect a radar gun. This process can be lengthy and does not adequately detect all of the vast ranges that the police radar gun can be set at. Ultimately this makes your radar detector virtually useless to you.

Another advantage the police have in regards to their radar guns is the guns ability to detect the highest speeding vehicle within its range. This is unlike the old radar guns that had to measure each cars speed individually. So no more hiding behind a larger vehicle to avoid detection of your speed.

And things are getting rapidly worse. As the number of old style X band radar guns decreases and the new ones increase, the number of effective radar guns will go down as well.

Its time to start researching the new improved radar detectors that are available. When doing this research it is important to know where most of your driving occurs, whether it is on the highway or in the city. City driving requires a radar detector that is able to filter out all of the other frequency information while still being able to detect police radar.

Ultimately you must realize that your choice of detector now will have to be updated as the radar guns technology is improved. You will also have to realize that no matter how great the radar detector is, it is simply not fool proof. - 29952

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