Importance Of Temporary Auto Insurance Coverage

By Susan Reynolds

People who have to temporarily drive a car that is not theirs, say when their own is out of commission, still need to be protected, albeit for a short time, from unforeseen circumstances that may result from their use of such a car. Such people can benefit from short term auto insurance coverage offered by some insurance companies. Such short time car insurance or short term auto insurance coverage is designed to give one same kind of coverage like the one provided for his own car for the period they will be using the other car.

You can also have insurance coverage for a driver that is operating the car for a set period of time. As an added protection for you, the temporary driver 's driving history is not placed in the records of your car insurance and consequently will not affect your insurance premiums.

Short term auto insurance coverage can be of two kinds, comprehensive or third-party liability coverage, much like the choices available to you in your regular auto insurance policy. The safest coverage is that of Comprehensive coverage. It doesn't include all the possible things that can happen to a vehicle and persons, but it covers a lot more of the potential accidents and claims than third-party liability.

In addition, a comprehensive policy will cover expenses for own damage that are not caused by the insured temporary driver himself unlike a third party liability which is limited only to cover those damages that are caused by the temporary driver to another person or property.

Thanks to the glories of technology, obtaining quotes for short term policies is very easy. You can get quotes from a wide variety of sites online, and then compare them to see which ones offer the coverage you need at the best price. There are even sites designed to help you directly compare the different quotes so you have to do even less work! This can save you a lot of time and money, and you may not even believe how fast and simple it is until you've tried it for yourself. Don't be afraid to look at policies from many different reputable companies, the tools are out there to make it a non-stressful process.

And finally, this is so important that it's worth repeating: do NOT think that you can get away with no insurance just because you're only going to be driving a vehicle for a short amount of time! You can't know when an accident will or will not happen. You can't predict the wiles of a thief or vandal. If you get caught unprepared in just assuming that the best will happen, you could end up paying a lot more than any temporary insurance policy would have cost you in the first place. Push yourself the extra bit necessary to stay insured all the time, and you'll feel safer as well as be safer. - 29952

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