Gavin Shoebridge Electric Conversion Made Easy Review

By Jack Marshall

Gavin Shoebridge is an electric vehicle nut and keen environmentalist, who wrote the Electric Conversion Made Easyebook wherein you will see how you can build your own electric car for much less than you might expect.

This easy-to-read ebook will take you step-by-step through every single element of planning, implementing, and succeeding with your own EV conversion. You will see how easy it can be to start building your own electric car today and save thousand of dollars in fuel each year while also playing your part for the environment.

As Gavin Shoebridge said, ?When armed with the right information, you can build an efficient and reliable electric vehicle from the comfort of your own garage or backyard.?

By reading this book and applying the principles that have been shared within its pages, you will be able to find the solutions to hundreds of these typical common scenarios, such as how to get the maximum range, how to achieve your desired speed, how to save money on voltmeters and ammeters, how to choose an ideal donor car, how to choose a donor car based on aerodynamics, how to make sure you choose the right batteries for your electric car, how to save money on batteries, how to find a decent yet affordable controller, how to choose a controller that has a very low failure rate, how to find a cheap electric motor, how to choose a second hand motor, how to drain fluids, how to remove the gas tank safely and easily, how to remove the gearbox, how to make sure your conversion will be a success, how to prevent short circuits from destroying your batteries, and how to install power steering.

Electric cars are one of the simplest forms of self-propelled motorized transportation. In fact, because of they are very simple in overall construction, electric cars can be built by just about anyone. - 29952

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