Cheap Car Rental Tips

By Cristopher Walterson

One of the best ways to guarantee an enjoyable vacation is to rent a car from a budget car rental company as it could be cheaper and will definitely be more convenient for you and your friends. Sometimes though, the companies that rent budget cars, supply cars that are at the bottom end of the spectrum. Ok, so I may be exaggerating a little but it is something you have to look out for because the last thing you want is to have a car that is not going to be of any use. So, just to help with your rental car experience, I have made a written down a few pointers to help.

I have found that budget car rental using the internet as a resource is a good way to find a low cost car because some sites let you set a limit on what you are prepared to pay. These companies will try and get you the best deal available and often offer other upgrades or incentives to get your custom. When you look, pay attention to the fly-drive packages as they will often discount car rentals although the airlines are not so accommodating. Unfortunately, airlines although convenient aren't really the more economic way to go, their car rental prices are hardly budget, and tend to be higher than those of outside firms.

If you are not used to arranging budget car rental on the internet, do not let that put you off as you will be pleasantly surprised by the offers available. Some websites even go as far as internet only discounts which can save a great deal of money. Do not always take the first offer that comes your way, unless you are limited on time because there are bound to be other discount offers available if you have the time to take a look. Don't forget that the only effort required to find these car rental deals is to logon to the internet, how easy is that.

If you are phoning, ask for discounts that can be applicable to you, remember even when you've scored the best deal, there is still that one last ditch of a possibility that one of your credit cards support the company and provide budget car rental discounts. Perhaps your frequent flyer program or military service can help reduce the cost of renting a car; it's a long shot but its worth a try.

I mean every side and every nook and cranny of that car, make sure to inform the renter of these so that you wont have to pay for damages once you return the car. work as the last thing you want is a hefty repair bill when you return the car.

Before you decide to use the rental company's insurance plans, take a look at your own policy as you will probably find that it covers rental car insurance as well. Rental car insurance doesn't cost much, but if you already have one why buy another? Always make sure you have auto insurance as the penalties for driving without adequate cover are severe.

One last tip is to try and collect your rental car as soon as the office opens as many of the cars already on rental will not have been returned and there is a good chance you will get a upgrade at no extra cost. - 29952

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