Don't Be Mystified about Baby Car Seat Security - Read This

By Frank Froggatt

Child car seat safety is a fundamental issue that many parents are inclined to take for granted. If you're like most people, you just assume that you can go buy a really expensive car seat and buckle it up and it'll be just fine. I learned that this just isn't enough. This lesson really woke me up and made me really take a close look at all of the different daughter car seat security procedures.

When my son turned 12 months old, I immediately turned her car seat to face forward. Since most people do this, and it was the norm, I didn't really assume anything of it and just simply made the change. Because like most people I took car seat security for granted, I wasn't really concerned about the safety like I should have been.

I just simply made the assumption that because I knew how to put the car seat in facing the rear that it wouldn't be any big deal to figure out how to put it in facing the front. I didn't really believe that I needed directions as I already had it done and it looked good. Truth be told I guess I should look at them just like many other people who don't take car seat security very seriously.

When I was turning a sharp corner I looked in my back mirror and I saw my twelve month old daughter leave towards the middle of the seat. Seeing this made my core freeze up and I pulled the vehicle over the side of the road so I could take a closer look at hooking up the car seat appropriately. As soon as I got home I went into the house and found the instruction book so I could double check to make sure that it was installed perfectly.

One little mistake is all it takes to lead to calamity, happily it didn't. Just thinking about what could have been the outcome of this simple blunder of being too lazy to follow the directions perfectly brings a quake down my spine. After this happened it inspired me to delve into the topic of youngster car seat security little deeper. During this research led me to some information that I had no idea about in the concerns of toddler car seat security. First of all, the seat should be installed in the middle seat if at all possible. My daughter's car seat was on the passenger side in the back. Many people might not know this as I didn't, but children should always be placed in the backseat.

I also discovered that stores like Babies-R-Us offer educational programs about baby car seat safety. These stores also offer to install your kid's car seat for you if you would like. Without a doubt this is a very good way to make sure that your baby is safe when you are driving. - 29952

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