Weird Car Insurance Quotes

By Ryan Parker

Here is a fact that most of you who don't regularly visit car insurance agencies might not know about. Of all the different insurance products available and given the same set of variables, car insurance quotes are the ones that can vary with the widest spread of prices quotes from one insurer to the next. Meaning, even if you give the exact same details and request for a quote for he exact same coverage, you will get wildly differing quotes from the different insurance companies.

This is even to the point that some of the smaller car insurance providers specialize in making their living on preying on people who aren't too careful with their car insurance products and will simply settle for the higher priced policy because they are either too lazy to obtain quotes from other providers or are too trusting of their insurance agents who might get a higher "cut" by referring them to car insurance quotes that are simply too expensive for their coverage. The insurance industry especially for companies that specialize in car insurance products is very competitive now. The bigger institutionalized insurers are generally able to provide cheaper quotes to end users through the sheer volume that they pass through their system. This leaves very little room for the small neighborhood insurance agencies in terms of pricing and coverage. They have to either rely on their better customer service or extra frills that large insurance providers can't offer. Some have taken this too far and decided to prey on the unsuspecting customers who obtain the first quote and sign up for the car insurance policy without looking around or even looking through the details of the insurance coverage.

Just to put this into perspective, this practice of focusing on customers that will pay more for their car insurance needs isn't exactly wrong. It isn't illegal and is endorsed by the insurance associations. It is a part of marketing customer profiling and is looked upon favorably by almost everyone in the insurance industry. To them, there is nothing wrong with offering an insurance product with a high quotation. The choice is still up to the consumer if they want to proceed with the offer or not. It certainly isn't the prerogative of the insurance firm to offer quotes that are market competitive. There is nothing wrong with marketing to consumers who are willing to pay the extra premium for whatever reason.

This is where the time honored saying of being a prudent customer comes in. It simply calls for you be wise before you settle on a certain car insurance policy. You have to make sure that you aren't taken advantage off and get as many car insurance quotes available. We can understand that many people are too busy to fill in the many car insurance quote forms and liaise with the many different companies but the benefit of it far outweighs the costs. You will have a much better understanding of what you should be paying for you car insurance policy and you also get a higher level of market understanding.

Some people will simply stick to their insurance provider year-in year-out just because they are comfortable with their arrangement. Some insurance companies have a policy which increases your premium by a few percent every year. Over a number of years your car insurance policy could have gone up in cost by as much as 50% but you don't really feel it due to the small incremental percentage increases. It is only when you actually take the step to take the same date that you have and apply for the same insurance coverage with other companies that the differences are highlighted. Even when you already have an on-going insurance policy, there is not reason why you should not be looking around for a better deal with other insurance companies.

As you would have guessed, the morale of the story is to always search around for quotes. This is especially true in the car insurance industry where there are some unsavory practices and unfair treatment for certain types of customers. Besides the point on certain customer profiling, this is an industry where differences in normal car insurance quotes from differing companies can substantially vary. - 29952

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