Protecting Your Car With A Car Cover

By Greg Tomlinson

If you take extended trips away from house, one of your concerns is the care and shelter of your car while away. Unless you park your car in a garage, it's susceptible to nicks, scrapes and other damage from a lot of different sources including bird droppings, bug splatter, falling branches and particularly the sun. Upon returning from your trip the damage is evident and not easily reversed. Fortunately, guard your investment by installing a custom fit car cover and prevent these problems before they occur. Before you buy a cover, you must realize that not all car covers are the same - following are some things for you to think about:

Most people think all car covers are the same, right? Absolutely not! Some are basically throw over tarps, whilst others are custom made, especially in the luxury car market. A loose fitting car cover can actually cause more problems than it can help as unwelcome moisture, debris, and damaging UV rays will still be able to get in.

When looking at different car covers, consider other possible benefits of the cover beyond just covering the car.

Consider these following features:

Does it protect from harmful UV rays? If you live in an intense sun area, such as Florida, you need a car cover offering the greatest shelter from the sun.

You also need a car cover made from an extremely tough material that won't rip or tear when exposed to extreme weather conditions, such as snow and ice.

You need to ensure that it will completely repel rain and moisture.

Can it withstand extreme heat or cold?.

Can it match the best car covers, which prevent the buildup of even the finest dust particles?

Does the car cover have additional layers to guard from dings? This is vital to have if you leave your car in a public lot!

Other factors to look at are warranty periods and color.

You should also realize that some car covers are designed so that you can actually clean it yourself. You can use you washing machine to clean covers manufactured from a super weave material. Simply use your normal laundry detergent in cold to warm water, without bleach. They can even be dried in your dryer on a permanent press setting. Make sure you follow the manufacturers specifications for the correct care of the car cover. - 29952

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